Powerful BTE

The Venti offers average 64dB of gain which will satisfy the severe hearing loss patient and comes with great sound quality. The directional microphones will benefit the patient in noisy environments and this hearing aid includes the benefit of having a telecoil. The Venti has many features and is easy to program with Noah compatible fitting software.

  • 8-channel WDRC Multi Memory Amplifier
  • Includes the latest generation of industry-leading AFC technology
  • Low battery warning
  • Multi-Channel MPO control
  • High-performance DSP hearing aid
  • Power-on Delay

Available in 4, 8, and 16-Channel



What's In The Box? 

1x Venti hearing aid

1x Earhook kit (Earhook, sound tube, 3 domes)

1x Left 2B screw-on tube

1x Right 2B screw-on tube

1x Medium open dome

1x Large open dome

1x Small magic dome

1x Medium magic dome

Technical Data

Maximum Output (dB)  ------------------------------------135

HFA Output (dB) -------------------------------------------- 124

HFA Gain (dB) ------------------------------------------------- 64

EQ Input Noise (dB) --------------------------------------- ≤32

    THD@500Hz (%) ----------------------------------------------- ≤4.0

THD@800Hz (%) -------------------------------------------- ≤3.0

THD@1600Hz (%) ------------------------------------------ ≤2.0

Dimensions: 39.6 x 14.6 x 9.4 mm

*Battery Size: 13A





*Available Colors: Beige


*Tinnitus Masking (8 & 16-Channel)

*Datalogging (8 & 16-Channel)

*Advanced Noise Reduction

*For Moderate - Severe Hearing Loss

*4 Programs (up to 6 in 16-Channel)

*Telecoil (Optional)

*Volume Dial

*Low Battery Indicator

Fitting Range