High-Performance BTE

The Mila hearing aid offers an easy to use rocker switch giving your patients control over both program and volume in a sleek, low profile design that will introduce them to the difference hearing aids can make in their daily interactions with others.

  • High-Performance DSP hearing aid
  • 8-channel WDRC Multi Memory Amplifier
  • Multi-Band - Frequency Shaping
  • Includes the latest generation of industry-leading AFC technology
  • Power-on Delay

Available in 4, 8, and 16 channel



What's In The Box? 

1x Mila hearing aid

1x Left 2B screw-on tube
1x Right 2B screw-on tube

1x Medium open dome

1x Large closed dome

1x Small magic dome

1x Medium magic dome

1x Multi-purpose cleaning brush

1x Cleaning wire


Technical Data

Maximum Output (dB)  ------------------------------------120

HFA Output (dB) -------------------------------------------- 111

HFA Gain (dB) ------------------------------------------------- 35

EQ Input Noise (dB) --------------------------------------- ≤32

    THD@500Hz (%) ----------------------------------------------- ≤3.0

THD@800Hz (%) -------------------------------------------- ≤1.0

THD@1600Hz (%) ------------------------------------------ ≤1.0

Dimensions: 31.4 x 14.1 x 7.8 mm

Battery Size: 312A





*Available Colors: Beige, Silver


*Tinnitus Masking (8 & 16-channel)

*Datalogging (8 & 16-channel)

*Advanced Noise Reduction

*Mild-Moderate Hearing Loss

*4 Programs (up to 6 in 16-channel)

*Telecoil (Optional)

*Rocker Volume Control

*Low Battery Indicator

Fitting Range