Since our products are not compatible with Noah software, we wanted to make sure that audiologist can still program our hearing aids for patients. That is why we created our own fitting software, IMHFit. It is easily downloadable to any PC or Mac device. This doesn’t mean that there will be more administrative work involved. We offer pre-programmed hearing aid options as well to ensure that you do not lose the patient.

Hearing aids powered by IMHear are highly sophisticated devices, which have the capability to make a real impact on the overall quality of life for those who suffer from hearing loss. Our patented EZ Charge™ cord gives wearers the assurance of all-day operation so that they do not have to worry about changing batteries at an inopportune time.

If you have questions about our programmable or pre-programmed hearing aid options, please call us at 1 +(630) 395-9628, email us at, or chat with one of our sales reps directly on our website.