We set up the EARUP brand to launch our complete new Digital Sound Processor solution.

EARUP SW11 is a DSP−based mixed−signal audio processing system that delivers superior audio clarity without compromising size or battery life. The processor is specifically designed for monaural portable communication devices requiring high-performance audio processing capabilities and programming flexibility.

  • Flexible DSP−based System
  • Ultra−low−power
  • Miniature Form Factor
  • Smart” Power Management

Product features:

Environment Noise Reduction

Our noise reduction acts to remove noise in between speech syllables as well as to lower general background noise from the environment. All layers respond to the noise of all intensities.


Four-channel Wide Dynamic Range Compression

Three-mode adaptive time constants to optimize Wide-Dynamic-Range Compression performance in critical environments

Compression ratio and threshold adjustable independently in each channel

Maximum Power Output compression limiting is also adjustable independently in each channel



Automatic Gain Control- Output Limiting

The maximum power output (MPO) of the amplifier can be limited using the compression limiter. This method of output control does not create harmonic distortion like peak clipping. The MPO can be programmed to settings of 0 dB, -4 dB, -8 dB, -12 dB, -16 dB, -20 dB, and -24 dB (relative to no limiting). The output level will not be affected by the volume control setting, since the limiter is placed right before the output stage and after the VC block.


32 Band Gain Equalizers

Twelve band gain adjusters - equalizers - are available to precisely match fitting targets. Each band has an adjustable gain in 2 dB increments from 0 dB to -30 dB.



Impulsive Noise Suppression